12º Portuguese Financial Network Conference Madeira (12 PFN)

Madeira, 05, 06 and 07 (morning if necessary) July, 2023

Welcome Message

We are pleased to welcome you to the 12th Portuguese Finance Network Conference.

The Portuguese Finance Network (PFN), first established in 1999, is a network, not only for Portuguese researchers but also international ones, who aim at promoting the field of Finance. To that purpose, the PFN organizes a major international conference every two years.

The PFN conferences are the most important scientific events taking place in Portugal in the area of Finance, bringing together numerous researchers, literally from all over the world, to present their research, share their experiences and, of course, also to enjoy the best that Portugal has to offer. Past PFN conferences were held at the University of Minho (2000), University of Évora (2002), ISEG - University of Lisbon (2004), University of Porto (2006), University of Coimbra (2008), University of Azores (2010), University of Aveiro (2012), University of Algarve (2014), University of Beira Interior (2016), ISCTE – Lisbon (2018) and University of Minho (2021)

The PFN takes also great pride on our past Keynote Speakers as their input, and support, are an invaluable contribution to the development of our project. We were fortunate to welcome among us distinguished Academics such as: Richard Brealey (in 2000), Edwin Elton (in 2002), Eduardo Schwartz (in 2004), Clifford Smith (in 2006), Stephen J. Taylor and Georges Gallais-Hamonno (in 2008), Stewart Myers (in 2010), Martin J. Gruber (in 2012), Sheridan Titman (2014), Werner de Bondt (2016), Lenos Trigeorgis (2018) and Terrance Odean & Hersh Shefrin (2021). Franco Modigliani also participated in the closing ceremony of the 2000 first PFN conference via video-conference.

This year, we are proud to announce that Professor René Stulz has accepted to be the PFN2023 Keynote Speaker and a Special Session on: “The Efficient Markets Hypothesis and the Professional Status of Investment Management” with Professor Stephen Brown and Professor William Goetzmann

This year's conference hosted, at the University of Madeira, organized by the Department of Management and Economics, is entirely committed to provide a lively space for discussion and networking for finance scholars, from all over the world, in all fields of finance, as always has been happening.


Organizing committee


 Taking into consideration the (really) huge number of requests asking for an extension, in order to finish their papers (or, even, their extended abstracts) the Organizing Committee decided to extend the deadline for a few days more: until 2nd of March.

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Keynote Session

"Are public markets in decline?”

Professor René Stulz
Professor René Stulz

Professor René Stulz, Everett D. Reese Chair of Banking and Monetary Economics and the Director of the Dice Center for Research in Financial Economics at The Ohio State University.

Special Sessions

Special session on “The Efficient Markets Hypothesis and the Professional Status of Investment Management”.

 Professor Stephen Brown (NYU Stern)
Professor Stephen Brown (NYU Stern)
Professor William Goetzmann (Yale)
Professor William Goetzmann (Yale)

Topics of Interest

  • 1

    Accounting/Auditing Issues and Tax Issues

  • 2

    Asset Allocation/Mutual Fund Performance/Sovereign Funds/Hedge Funds/ETFs

  • 3

    Banking/Financial Services/ Investment Banking

  • 4

    Personal/Household Finance/Taxes

  • 5

    Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies/ Bitcoins/ Digital Currencies

  • 6

    BRICS, MIST, MINT, NEXT 11, PIIGS, SANE and Emerging Markets

  • 7

    Corporate Governance/Executive Compensation – Stakeholder vs Stockholders Debate

  • 8

    War and Global Pandemic – Global Health Issues and Impacts

  • 9

    Big Data - Artificial Intelligence – Machine Learning/Cyber Security

  • 10

    Derivatives/Financial Engineering – Real Options

  • 11

    Efficiency/Valuation/Pricing/Empirical Finance

  • 12

    Behavioral & Experimental (Finance/Economics)

  • 13

    Market Microstructure

  • 14

    E-Finance/M-Finance/ E-Learning– Best Practices

  • 15

    Entrepreneurship/Venture Capital/Crowdfunding

  • 16

    SMEs Financing

  • 17

    Financial Markets integration/Linkages/Segmentation

  • 18

    Foreign Currency Issues – Monetary Economics/International Finance

  • 19

    Global Energy & Environment Issues

  • 20

    Global Financial Crises, Imbalances/ Global Finance & Banking

  • 21

    Global Poverty – Inequality – Sustainability

  • 22

    IPOs/SEOS/Stock buybacks/Private Equity

  • 23

    Mergers and Acquisitions/ Corporate and State SWFs

  • 24

    Portfolio Flows and Foreign Direct Investment

  • 25

    Risk/Debt Issues/Insurance/Reinsurance

  • 26

    Real Estate Finance /REITs, International RE

  • 27

    Sustainability, Social Responsibilities, ESG, and Ethics

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